When am I making a new video?

The question has been nagging me as anxiously as it has some of you. When am I making a new video? I’ve wanted to for the past few months, but things keep getting in the way; from feeling creatively dried up, to taking on work to make ends meet, pursuing my other creative endeavours, and just wanting to do a good job. 

That’s what I’ve been caught on recently. By being absent on Youtube for so long (now three months), it seems that anything I put out on Youtube now will be considered my ‘comeback’. The self-made pressure has left me too embarrassed to simply fizzle back onto the scene with apologies, so I decided that if I’m going to have to do a comeback, I might as well do it properly. 

But doing things properly is easier said than done, so things are taking longer than expected. I hope to be back on Youtube in a couple of weeks (ish).

So, yes, I’m not dead and I am busy making stuff I hope you will like. 

Also, I reserve the right to leave you unimpressed. 

  1. ilovecriticalthinking said: Unimpressed Khyan it’s pathetic! The only thing
  2. laurieburnsart said: Solution: make a purposefully bad video. A 30 second clip of you making a sandwich from sandpaper and crayons. Then you’ve made a comeback in a “fuck comebacks” sort of way, and can return to the normal programming without a hitch! :P
  3. adoraining said: I will always be impressed by you, Khyan.
  4. alinaabstracted said: I call it a “coollike” fever
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    Looking forward to it!